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You asked my name ( ) and what I did for a living (government consulting). Things do happen for a reason. I thought you were so attractive and would like to get to know you if you are interested. We had so much fun together I miss you like a fat kid loves cake:-( sucks sitting here alone on the weekend. Send a tit and lets Hot sex girls a beer now up.

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Hear ye, hear ye: If you were a man paying attention, you needed no assistance in instructing your heart to swoon, your admiration to swell and your loins to salute.

But exactly how did this San Diego woman pull tirls the arguably mythical, much-debated and oft-maligned Cool Girl shtick so easily? As you can see in this some second incident heard round the world, DiMarco is initially shocked and surprised that she has caught this foul ball.

That surprise immediately turns to somewhat sheepish, humble glee as she reflexively tucks her long shiny brown hair behind one ear. She pauses to swallow.

Then she finishes off the swill like someone who was born to complete a job, lest anyone question her commitment. Hot and understanding.

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Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Men actually think this girl exists.

For a long time Cool Girl offended me. To be clear, this protagonist is an unreliable narrator. Please no pictures.

A post shared by Gabrielle DiMarco gabbylucille on Jul 30, at Some women argued that this is not an actual personbut a fictional nkw. Nor do men knock themselves out to pretend to.

Those who do are eyed with suspicion. If you live in the world long enough, you quickly learn for a lot of q, this is their distinguishing feature.

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Contrived Casual Coordination that match game-night appropriateness. You want to spend your entire life with her going to games and casually downing beers and impregnating her with your impossibly cool children.

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Never let anyone tell you otherwise: DiMarco nails that bold lack of self-regard that, ironically, comes with being totally put together and considered. Girls who know how to drink, and drink beer no less, are no-frills and low-maintenance.

srx Could she have downed a vodka-soda like that if a baseball landed in it? Even if she couldwould you want her to? No, because that would make her seem like a prissy lush, not a chill hang.

Of course real women can be all these things. Not a person.

Men want to marry her. Padres https: My kinda lady.

But of course, thinking a girl that cool and unicorn-like would be available is like, well, believing in unicorns. Reports say that she has a boyfriend:. Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL.

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